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Update 19 – Acton tunnel damage

The truck and excavator have been removed from the Acton tunnel. WorkSafe ACT will now conduct a roadworthiness assessment of the truck and confirm the excavator is well secured. Roads ACT has issued a permit for the truck to then travel to the contractor’s yard in Hume via the Tuggeranong Parkway on an agreed route…. Read more »

Update 18 – Acton tunnel damage

The removal of the truck and excavator is progressing slowly due to the significant safety precautions required when dealing with asbestos. A removal plan has been finalised for the truck and excavator. This involves techniques such as the use of high pressure water blasting and wrapping the bucket of the excavator, which have small particles… Read more »

Update 17 – Acton tunnel damage

Throughout the night extensive clean-up work was completed within the tunnel, with the removal of more than 120 affected panels. Collectively these weigh over 10 tonnes. The lights and sprinkler system on both sides of the tunnel have been tested and are now operational. Crews are expected to remove the vehicle from the Acton tunnel… Read more »

Update 16 – Acton tunnel road closures

The tunnel remains closed to westbound traffic on Parkes Way while the cleanup operation continues. The speed limit on the eastbound lanes of Parkes Way has been reverted back to 90 km/h. The change in speed limit was made possible due to lighting being re-established in the tunnels. The speed limit was reduced to 40… Read more »

Update 15 – Acton tunnel damage

Crews will continue to work through the night to address the damage in the Acton tunnel following the truck collision on Tuesday. Workers have successfully dislodged the truck from the roof of the Acton tunnel. The removal of the vehicle and associated works are complex and require a large range of expertise. There are numerous… Read more »