Stay cool in the heat today

The ACT Ambulance Service strongly advises the community to take the following sensible pre-cautions today with a forecast top temperature of 39 degrees:

– Wear sensible clothing including a hat and sunscreen;

– Staying hydrated is essential to staying safe and healthy;

– Don’t exercise in the heat of the day;

– Alcohol and excessive caffeine are to be kept to a minimum during prolonged heat events as these can have a dehydrating effect;

– Water is the best liquid to ensure that hydration levels are kept at a safe level;

– Anyone showing signs of heat stress, Emergency Triple Zero (000) should be called for an ambulance;

– Signs can include nausea, dizziness, fainting, weakness, headaches, vomiting and the loss of sweating;

– The most vulnerable to heat stress is young children and the elderly; and

– Do not leave children or pets unattended in hot cars.

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