Event planning

The Emergency Services Agency (ESA) works with government and non-government entities to assist event organisers to hold successful, enjoyable and incident free events in the ACT.

Planning for an event

If you are an event organiser looking at undertaking an event in the ACT, you will need to complete documentation with either the Office of Regulatory Service (for ACT managed lands) or the National Capital Authority (for Federally managed lands).

The preparation required for an event is dependant upon the number of spectators and the nature of the event. Events that have a high risk of death or injury occurring or attract numbers greater than 5,000 will require input from emergency services.

Emergency services can provide advice on your Risk Management Plan and contribute to the development of your Emergency response Plan.

Send details of your event to esaeventplanning@act.gov.au and you will be contacted by a risk and planning officer to obtain more detailed information.

It may be that your event will require the presence of an ambulance, State Emergency Service personnel or advice from the ACT Fire Brigade or the ACT Rural Fire Service. For example:

  • ACTAS can provide guidelines to assist with decision making regarding professional on-site Intensive Care Paramedic coverage/attendance. ACTAS attendance may be compulsory depending on the type or size of your event. The event venue may stipulate the level of ambulance services required.
  • the ACTFB can provide advice on the implications of restricting or denying access to fixed fire safety assets such as boosters, hydrants, fire hose reels. If your event involves fire, the use of pyrotechnics (fire works), installation of temporary structures or use of hazardous materials the Fire Brigade will provide advice and guidance in accordance with relevant legislation and Australian Standards.
  • The ACTRFS may be able to provide personnel and firefighting resources to assist with your event provided they are given at least 4 weeks notice. Contact can be made by forwarding an email to rfsadmin@act.gov.au or phoning 6207 9991.
  • The ACTSES may be able to provide support for various aspects of your community event providing at least 6 weeks notice is given.
    The ACTSES is committed to educating the community on how to prepare for storms and floods as well as what to do in case of a storm or flood related emergency. As such, support available includes community education presentations, activities and stalls and interactive displays together with mascot Paddy the Platypus.
    ACTSES Volunteers may also be able to assist with event operational requirements including provision of trained traffic marshals and the use of flood boats and lighting when required.
    The ACTSES can be contacted by forwarding an email to ses@act.gov.au or phoning (02) 6207 8462.