ESA through Strategic Reform

Cohesive Operations, Collaborative Management Team, Unified Executive.

ESA through Strategic Reform

The Emergency Services Agency (ESA) is committed to ensuring the ACT continues to be one of the safest communities in the world to live.

Our job, our reason for existing, is the protection of life, property and the environment. Canberrans should be proud of our emergency services and the role we play in protecting the community and in ensuring our community is one of the safest in Australia and the world.

While we have achieved a lot, the ESA is committed to building an even stronger organisation and we must continually learn and evolve if we are to deliver a modernised, integrated and coordinated ESA.

The Strategic Reform Agenda (SRA) aims to ensure cohesive operations across ACT Fire & Rescue, the ACT Rural Fire Service, the ACT State Emergency Service, and the ACT Ambulance Service. This is supported by a collaborative management team and a unified executive.

Our Strategic Bushfire Management Plan focuses our attention not only on our response to bushfires, but also on preventing bushfires, mitigating their impact, coordinating across government during emergencies, and focussing on recovery. This plan allows us to bring the community together to combat the threat, manage the consequences of its impact, aid in emotional recovery, and re-build the things that are valued.

Successive Governments have committed to support emergency services by increasing funding to ensure we are best placed to deal with emergency incidents. The ESA remains confident that the continued provision of evidence-based information will allow future investment and decision making to meet our future increased demand and risk.

This strength is underpinned by our mission of working together. Through this mission we are well on our way to building an even safer community.