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Annual reports

The ACT Emergency Services Agency is part of the ACT Justice and Community Safety Directorate (JACS). The ESA is included in the annual reports produced by the JACS. JACS Annual Reports The ESA produced its own annual reports when it was a statutory authority between 1 July 2004 and 30 June 2006. 2004 – 2005… Read more »

Media releases

Date Title 11 April, 2018 ESA Media Release – ACT Fire Rescue Internal Awards [PDF 277 KB]   View archived media releases

Learn CPR

The ACT Ambulance Service encourages everyone to learn CPR or undertake a refresher course in the hope of maybe one day saving someone’s life.  People who suffer a cardiac arrest have almost double the chance of survival if they are administered prompt and effective Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). In the ACT, less than 40% of sudden cardiac… Read more »

Extreme heat

During the height of summer, many members of the community, especially the young, elderly and those with a chronic illness, become more vulnerable to HEAT STRESS as a result of hot weather. The ACT Ambulance Service encourages all Canberrans and visitors to the national capital to take note of the following tips to avoid HEAT… Read more »


Storms can happen anywhere, at any time of the year. They are more common in the ACT during the main period of increased storm activity from September to the end of February, but it’s important to be prepared all year round. Severe storms can cause major damage. They may be accompanied by torrential rain, strong… Read more »