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House alight in Mawson

The house is fully engulfed in fire.

Four fire pumpers on the scene so far along with BA van and DO.

Brigade alerted to fire by multiple emergency triple zero calls.

8:08pm Friday 22 July 2011 – Canberra Centre fire forces evacuation

The ACT Fire Brigade has evacuated the first floor of the Canberra Centre tonight following a fire in the food court.

Firefighters responded to the sandwich shop after receiving reports of a deep fryer alight.

An employee was able to quickly extinguish the fire by placing a fire blanket over the appliance.

The area is now being ventilated before allowing customers back inside.

The ground floor of the centre is unaffected and trading as normal.

12:27pm Friday 22 July 2011 – Fire caused by cooking left

The ACT Fire Brigade is on scene at a small kitchen fire in Garran.

The Brigade responded immediately to the Robson Street unit after receiving an emergency triple zero call from a neighbour who heard a smoke alarm sounding off.

Crews gained entry on arrival and found food left cooking on a stove unattended.

Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire and are now ventilating the property.

No one was home at the time. Only minor damage has been caused to the property.

The ACT Fire Brigade reminds the community to Don’t stop looking while you’re cooking.
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Small fire at Hyatt Hotel

The ACT Fire Brigade has evacuated a section of the Hyatt Hotel in Yarralumla tonight following a small fire.

Crews responded to the premises on Commonwealth Avenue to find a small electrical fire in a light fitting, located in the business centre, had already been extinguished.

The business centre and foyer of the hotel are currently evacuated while firefighters ventilate the area.