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11:20pm Monday 25 July 2011- Final update on boat alight in Kambah

Firefighters have arrived on scene at Ammon Place, Kambah, to find a boat in the front yard of the property has been destroyed by fire. Parts of a car were also damaged in the blaze.

1 fire pumper attended the scene and extinguised the flames.

The occupants of the dwelling were evacuated from the property but have now been let back inside their home.

The ACT Fire Brigade has requested Police assistance to the scene.

11:00pm Monday 25 July 2011 – Boat alight in Kambah

The ACT Fire Brigade is responding to reports of a boat well alight in the front yard of a residential address in Ammon Place, Kambah.

Initial triple zero (000) call received at 10:45pm.

Update to follow.

House alight in Mawson

Firefighters expect to remain on scene for several hours damping down and checking for hot spots.

The cause will be investigated.

The initial damage estimate is $600,000.

The occupants have also asked nearby residents to keep a look out for a their cat who also safely evacuated from the fire but has not been seen since.

House alight in Mawson

Firefighters have now contained the fire while the roof of the property has partially collapsed.

Bronto aerial firefighting platform now also deployed by the Brigade.

The home has been completely destroyed.

There was three occupants inside the property when the fire started who all safely evacuated.

House alight in Mawson

The fire has spread into the roof space of the large house.

Firefighters are battling to control the blaze which is producing thick smoke.

Occupants of the home safely evacuated.