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Smell of smoke from faulty light fitting at Isaacs childhood centre

ACT Fire Brigade currently on scene at ABC Childhood Centre on Farr Place, Isaacs investigating a smell of smoke.

No sign of fire.

Smell of smoke from a faulty light fitting.

Staff have safely evacuated 64 children from the centre as ACT Fire Brigade crews conduct atmospheric monitoring before allowing children to return inside.

Time of Emergency Triple Zero (000) call 9.08am.

Small grass fire at McKellar

ACT Fire Brigade currently on scene working to extinguish a small grass fire near Owen Dixon and William Slim Drives, McKellar.

Estimated size of small grass fire 100 metres x 20 metres.

No property under threat.

Two women rushed to hospital after pedestrian accident

Two women have been rushed to hospital by the ACT Ambulance Service after an accident on Commonwealth Avenue this afternoon.

Two intensive care paramedic crews responded to the pedestrians on the southbound lanes of the road.

Both were stablised on scene. One elderly woman was transported to the Canberra Hospital with pelvic injuries in a serious condition and the other woman, believed in her 30’s, with lower leg and abdominal injuries in a stable condition.

Firefighters rescue toddler stuck in drain pipe

A Holder boy sleeps during his rescue from a drain pipe. Photo by ACT Fire Brigade.

A Holder boy sleeps during his rescue from a drain pipe. Photo by ACT Fire Brigade.

Firefighters have been forced to remove plumbing pipe from under a house at Holder today to rescue a toddler who’s foot became trapped.

The ACT Fire Brigade responded with two crews to the Pearson Street property after receiving and emergency triple zero call just after 11:30 this morning.

Firefighters arrived a short time later to begin the delicate rescue by climbing under the back of the house and digging up the pipe he was stuck in.

After gaining access to the pipe and maneuvering the boys foot firefighters were able to lift him free.

The boy went to sleep (as pictured above) during the over 30 minute delicate rescue and did not completely wake up when he was removed from the drain.

He was checked over by ACT Ambulance Service intensive care paramedics and given the all clear. He has been now put to bed to continue to sleep off the ordeal.