News Alerts

7:35am Friday 16 September 2011 – Update 13 – Mitchell factory fire

Further atmospheric testing in Mitchell has still found no sign of Phosgene in the air.

The smoke is rising higher and starting to dissipate.

The ACT Fire Brigade has now reduced the exclusion zone back to the suburb of Mitchell from the fire.

People are free to now move around north Canberra except within the exclusion zone at Mitchell.

People are asked to be patient with the delays that will be experienced.

The evacuation centre at Dickson College will remain open for as long as required.

6:37am Friday 16 September 2011 – Update 11 – Mitchell factory fire

The ACT Fire Brigade is continuing to conduct atmospheric monitoring throughout Mitchell.

The by-product of the substance being burned, PCB, is a smoke plume that potentially could contain Phosgene.

Phosgene is known to cause irritation to skin and eyes, sore throat, nausea, headaches and dizziness, vomiting, chest pain and difficulty breathing.

The ACT Fire Brigade believe the risk to the community is low but continue to take all precautions.

People within a 10k radius of the fire are still advised to remain indoors with windows closed.

People outside this zone are strongly advised to stay away from the area and the smoke plume.

More information to follow.

5:55am Friday 16 September 2011 – Update ten – Mitchell factory fire

ACT Education and Training Directorate is currently working to determine the impact of the fire on schools on the northside today. Further advice will be provided as soon as possible.

The referral centre at Canberra Stadium has now been closed with all people seeking an evacuation centre should go to Dickson College.

5:28am Friday 16 September 2011 – Update eight – Mitchell factory fire

ACT Fire Brigade is currently carrying out atmospheric monitoring throughout Mitchell with no abnormal readings to date.

People within a 10 kilometre radius of the site are still being asked to remain indoors and keep windows closed.

There have been no casualties as a result of the fire.

The Barton and Federal Highways are open as usual.

All roads into Mitchell remain closed, Gungahlin Drive, Wells Station Road and Flemington Road.

There will be significant disruptions to Acton Bus Services on the northside this morning as a result of the road closures. People can call Canberra Connect for more information.