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Update on two vehicle accident near Mugga Lane Tip

ACT Ambulance Service intensive care paramedics have treated and transported four patients to The Canberra Hospital, all in a stable condition.

A 36-year-old female was treated for multiple fractures to her leg, a seven-month-old baby taken to hospital for observation, a 20-year-old male treated for minor injuries and neck pain and a 58-year-old male treated for fractures to both arms.

Two vehicle accident near Mugga Lane Tip

ACT Fire & Rescue and ACT Ambulance Service on scene of a two vehicle accident at intersection of Long Gully Road and Mugga Lane, near the Mugga Lane Tip.

ACT Fire & Rescue firefighters used hydraulic tools to release a female driver who was trapped in the vehicle.

ACT Ambulance Service intensive care paramedics treating four patients on scene in a stable condition.

Update to follow.

Six calls for help following windy weather

ACT Fire & Rescue has received six calls for help since 2 o’clock this afternoon following windy weather.

Majority of jobs for trees and branches down across roads and pathways. One job also of a fence down. Minor damage reported.

A volunteer crew from the ACT State Emergency Service (ACTSES) has also been called to assist ACT Fire & Rescue on Playfair Place, Belconnen attending to a tree which has blocked a driveway after falling on the roof of a garage which has sustained some damage.

Residents who require assistance due to the windy conditions can call the ACTSES on 132-500, or if life threatening, call Emergency Triple Zero (000).

ACT Fire & Rescue extinguish city food fire

ACT Fire & Rescue has extinguished a small fire in a city apartment building.

Crews were called to the Bega Flats complex in Cooyong Street Reid just before 12 o’clock.

Firefighters found food left on a stove unattended well alight.

It was quickly extinguished preventing it spreading further.

Crews are now ventilating the property.

Update on calls for help following wet weather

ACT State Emergency Service (ACTSES) volunteers and ACT Fire & Rescue have received a total of 15 calls for help since 10 o’clock last night following wet weather.

Minor damage reported with trees across pathways, roads and driveways. Some reports of leaking roofs.

Areas affected include Weston Creek and Belconnen.

Due to the amount of rain overnight, ACT Fire & Rescue have had an increase in responses to alarm calls with water entering premises resulting in minor damage.

Residents who require storm and flood assistance can call the ACTSES on 132-500.