News Alerts

ADVICE – Grass fire at Watson

The ACT Fire & Rescue and ACT Rural Fire Service is working to extinguish a grass burning at Irvine Street, Watson.

The Bushfire Alert and Warning Level for this fire has been set at ADVICE.

ACT Fire & Rescue and the ACT Rural Fire Service has nine units responding to the scene.

The fire is approximately 150 metres x 100 metres in size and is contained.

The fire is burning at a slow rate.

At the current fire danger level of low-moderate fires can be easily controlled.

There is little to no risk to life and property from this fire.

Update – House fire at Curtin

Fire has been extinguished with crews now conducting mopping up and ventilation operations.

Fire started in the roof space of the four bedroom house.

Fire damage contained to the roof space with smoke and heat damage through the house.

Damage estimated at $200,000.

No damage to neighbouring properties.

ACT Ambulance Service also on scene supporting operations with no injuries reported.

The two occupants of the house safely self evacuated and called Emergency Triple Zero (000).

Investigations of the cause of the fire will commence.

House fire at Curtin

ACT Fire & Rescue are currently on scene of a house fire on McCormack Street, Curtin.

Fire has been contained.

Roof of the house has collapsed.

An internal search of the building has found no-one inside the house.

Three fire pumpers on scene, with the Breathing Apparatus Van and a Command vehicle.

Time of Emergency Triple Zero (000) call 2.18am.

Update to follow.

Update – Gas line rupture at Amaroo

Gas line has been clamped and ACT Fire & Rescue are about to depart the scene.

Residents have been permitted to return to their homes.

Gas line rupture at Amaroo

ACT Fire & Rescue are currently on scene at Burdekin Ave and Geehi Place, Amaroo attending to a gas leak.

A 70mm gas line has been ruptured by contractors and ACT Fire & Rescue crews are on scene to ensure safety.

12 houses have been evacuated as a precaution whilst maintenance crews repair the gas rupture.

One fire pumper, the specialist hazardous materials unit and one command vehicle on scene.

ACT Policing are also on scene and have partially closed Burdekin Ave.

Time of Emergency Triple Zero (000) call 12.25pm.