News Alerts

Canberra Centre Incident

ACT Fire & Rescue crews have attended the Canberra Centre, responding to reports of the smell of burning plastic.

There was a fire in a light fitting.

People in one shop were evacuated.

Crews will monitor the atmosphere to ensure it is safe for shoppers.

Update two – Latham house fire

The fire at the home in Latham has been investigated and was caused by an electrical fault in the toaster.

Update – Latham house fire

ACT Fire & Rescue crews have extinguished the fire.

An inspector has been contacted to assess an electrical fault at the home.

It is not yet known what caused the fire.

Latham house fire

ACT Fire & Rescue crews are on Mulvany street in Latham, after a house fire.

No one was inside when the fire started but there is damage to the kitchen and family room.

Fire crews will remain on site for some time.

Update to follow.

Update – Gas leak in Hawker

The gas leak at Hawker Primary School has been isolated.

The gas leak was in the main line to the school, believed to be caused by a mechanical failure.

Gas crews are working to rectify the problem.

Students have been allowed to return to school.