ACT Handy Map

ACT Handy Map pageThe ACT Handy Map is a specially designed grid reference map used to provide the community with information on the location of a major emergency incident such as a bushfire.

The ACT Handy Map location allows you to identify how far away a potential emergency threat may be.

This will help you decide what action to take.

ACT Handy Map grid reference points are also issued by ACT Government agencies to advise residents about the location of hazard reduction burns.

The ACT Handy Map can be viewed by licking on the links below or by going to the inside back cover of the current edition of the ACT and Region Yellow Pages phone directory.

Low resolution [JPG 1 MB]

High resolution jpg file [JPG 10 MB]

Best version for printing PDF [PDF 339 KB]

Note: The map uses a 5km x 5km grid square.