Kitchen Fire Safety

Over the past five years data recorded by ACT Fire & Rescue has shown that over one third of all residential fires in the ACT start in the kitchen.

Every winter, ACT Fire & Rescue teams face their biggest challenge from kitchen fires started by unattended cooking.

 Their best defence is you. By taking extra care in the kitchen, you can make sure fire doesn’t win this season.

Remember, ‘don’t stop looking while you’re cooking’.


Face the facts

ACT Fire & Rescue recommends the following kitchen safety tips:

  • Never leave cooking unattended
  • Make sure pot handles are facing inwards
  • Keep stoves, ovens and exhaust fans free of grease and fat build-up
  • Keep tea towels and electrical leads away from the stove
  • Wear clothes with tight fitting sleeves when cooking
  • Put a lid on a pot or pan if it catches fire – never pick it up and carry it
  • Have a fire blanket and extinguisher (e.g. CO2 or dry powder) in the kitchen
  • Ensure there is a working smoke alarm
  • Have a fire escape plan in place and practice it regularly.

 Kitchen fire safety fact sheet [.PDF 299KB]