Heater safety

Heaters are an essential item in Canberra, but sometimes, if not used correctly, they can cause fires.

Heating safety involves the correct installation and maintenance, supervision of children and pets, safe clearance distances, use of correct fuels and adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Keep heaters well clear from items that might burn. A minimum of one metre clearance from clothes, bedding furniture, curtains and other combustibles is required to make your home safe.

Face the facts

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you use heaters in a safe manner:

  • Heating equipment should be installed by a qualified tradesperson in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions:  
  • Maintenance of heating equipment should be carried out as recommended by the manufacturer:
  • For portable heating, choose models that have automatic safety switches that turn the heater off if tipped over:
  • Keep portable electric heaters away from wet areas to avoid the possibility of electric shock:
  • Always use a fire screen in front of open fires:
  • Children and pets must be supervised when heaters are in use:
  • Flues and chimneys should be cleaned once a year to prevent a build up of flammable material and ensure the heater functions correctly : and
  • Ensure only the approved fuel is used in liquid fuelled heaters.

 Heater safety fact sheet  [.PDF 314KB]

This page was last modified on November 21st, 2013