Ceiling safety advice

ceiling fireInvestigations into structure fires in the ACT have found a number of them started in the ceiling or roof space of properties.

The incidents have involved bathroom fans and down-lights being covered with insulation, contributing to the build-up of heat and ensuing ignition of combustible materials.

Investigations have found dust and other materials including insulation around electrical transformers, down lights and exhaust fans may have been a contributing factor to heat build-up, and ultimately ignition.

ACT Fire & Rescue has found there is no direct evidence to suggest poor installation of insulation as the cause of these incidents.

It is possible that work activities in the roof by other trades people or householders may have caused insulation to cover electrical equipment.

ACT Fire & Rescue reminded contractors and residents of the importance of keeping insulation clear of heat generating equipment in the roof space.

When working in a roof space you should always:

  • Down-lights, light transformers, exhaust fans and chimneys must have regular inspections to ensure there is no build up of material which may prevent the escape of heat, or prevent equipment from operating in a safe manner; and
  • Ensure any combustible material is not dislodged and placed over heat generating devices which can ultimately start a fire.