New South Tuggeranong Fire & Rescue Station

Friday 9 January 2015

Temporary Traffic Control Map V3 [PDF 1 MB]

The ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) says some minor changes will be adopted to traffic flow arrangements this afternoon in South Tuggeranong following the latest meeting of relevant ACT Government officials and contractors today.

Feedback from the community and on-site traffic marshals strongly indicated new measures implemented this morning worked extremely well.

The temporary conversion of a section of Woodcock Drive at Gordon to northbound traffic only in both lanes finished at 9 o’clock this morning as a result of the improved conditions.

For the evening peak traffic this afternoon, additional traffic controllers will be placed on the Johnson Drive / Drakeford Drive roundabout to improve traffic flow into Gordon, Banks and Condor.

The off peak traffic diversion arrangements will be in place over the weekend. However in light of the less busy flow, traffic marshals will only be located at the roundabout next to Lanyon Marketplace shops from 9am till 1pm tomorrow only.

Arrangements in place this morning and tonight will then recommence on Monday.

Thursday 8 January 2015

The ESA has announced further enhancements to traffic flow arrangements in South Tuggeranong following implementation of new measures in the last 24 hours.

This follows a meeting of officials from the ESA, TAMS, ACT Policing and the building contractors at lunchtime today.

For the peak period this afternoon the operation of the temporary traffic lights right near the Drakeford Drive Johnson Drive intersection will be adjusted to improve southerly traffic flow.

For tomorrow morning Woodcock Drive, from Jim Pike Avenue to Clare Dennis Avenue, will be converted to two lanes (one way) for northbound traffic from 6:00am until when the peak traffic passes. This will be determined by traffic experts on-site.

For the weekend, normal off peak temporary arrangements will remain in place before returning to back to weekday peak period arrangements on Monday morning.

The ACT Government would like to praise the patience and attitude of drivers in South Tuggeranong throughout the week.

ACT Policing has had officers in the area during peak traffic periods and advised that motorists have been very well behaved and followed the directions of traffic marshals, signals and signage.

Wednesday 7 January 2015

The building of the new emergency services facility on the corner of Drakeford Drive and Tharwa Road is at an advanced stage and is on schedule to be completed in March 2015.

Tharwa Drive, from its roundabout intersection with Drakeford Drive through to Mentone View, will be closed between 5th and 26th of January 2015 to facilitate the installation of a new sewer main pipe to be connected to the new South Tuggeranong Fire & Rescue station.

The construction team are confident of completing the works by mid-January however additional time for the work to be done because of the potential for bad weather and/or issues with the road excavation.

A number of measures have been put in place to manage traffic flow in the area for the duration.

Following community feedback, some additional measures are now in place.

During afternoon peak periods from 3pm – 6.30pm
• Traffic control marshals to be on site at the roundabout intersection of Johnson/Drakeford/Woodcock Drive (for the peak evening period) to help improve the southerly traffic flow by distributing access more evenly across the bank of commuters. Traffic control marshals on site in key intersections down Woodcock Avenue to help the flow of traffic wishing to enter from Gordon into Woodcock Drive for northerly/easterly travel.

• No traffic marshals at the Lanyon shops roundabout (for the evening peak period), as it was agreed that traffic flow would manage itself from that point into the southerly suburbs.

During morning peak periods (7am – 10.30am)
• Traffic control marshals to be on site at the Lanyon shops roundabout intersection of Tharwa Drive /Boxhill Avenue /Woodcock Drive to help improve the northerly  traffic flow by distributing access more evenly across the bank of commuters.

• Traffic control marshals to be on site at every intersection on Woodcock Drive to manage traffic flow in and out of the feeder roads (left and right hand turns) onto Woodcock Drive, noting that the flow considerably improves after Clare Dennis Avenue.

• A left turn only ‘slip lane’ to be introduced on Jim Pike Avenue at the intersection with Woodcock Drive, to enable commuters to turn left relatively unimpeded onto what is normally a hard shoulder lane on Woodcock Drive, then some distance along Woodcock Drive, vehicles will merge into the single lane heading in the north-easterly direction.

• Traffic control marshals, will wherever possible give priority access for ACTION buses in the feeder roads wishing to enter into Woodcock Drive.

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New Ambulance and Fire & Rescue station for West Belconnen: One year on.

The new Ambulance and Fire and Rescue Station in Charnwood, West Belconnen was completed in October 2013, and was officially opened on 18 October 2013 by the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell MLA. Paramedics and firefighters are proud to serve the community from their new co-located station in West Belconnen.  Construction of the new station by Manteena Pty Ltd included a roundabout located at the intersection of Lhotsky Street and Charnwood Place (the main entry/exit for the Charnwood shops). The new roundabout has greatly improved traffic flow in that area, and has been well received by local residents and businesses.

 Charnwood Open day web



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