Emergency Alert

Telephone warning system

Emergency Alert

EMERGENCY ALERT is a national telephone warning system that emergency services across the country can use to send alerts to communities via telephones.

The national telephone warning system was developed following agreement from Australian States and Territories and became operational on 1 December 2009.

The EMERGENCY ALERT system is just one of a number of ways we can warn the Canberra community about an emergency threat or emergency situation.

EMERGENCY ALERT is not designed to be used as a stand-alone warning measure and will be used to supplement existing warning mechanisms, including electronic and print media; internet and website based notification and warnings, social media, person-to-person notification (“doorknocking”) and the provision of information through Canberra Connect.

If a decision is made to issue a warning via telephone during an emergency, an EMERGENCY ALERT will be sent to landline telephones based on the location of the handset and to mobile phones based on the billing address within an area defined as under threat or effected by the situation or the actual physical location of Telstra mobile phones within the area. Other carriers will enable this capability in November 2013.

You may receive a voice message on your landline or a text message on your mobile phone.

You can not opt in or out to EMERGENCY ALERT telephone warnings. EMERGENCY ALERT uses the national telephone database of all telephone numbers in Australia.

EMERGENCY ALERT is designed to make you aware that something is happening in your neighborhood that may impact on you.

If you receive an EMERGENCY ALERT telephone warning follow the instructions in the message and seek further information and updates via the home page of this website, ESA twitter account @ACT_ESA, ESA Facebook account or via local radio and television outlets.

How do I know that the message is authentic?
0444 444 444 is the number assigned to EMERGENCY ALERT. This number will always be displayed in the message header or caller identification.

How do I update my information?
It is your responsibility to update your telephone details should they change.  You will need  to update your service address as well as your billing address.  Talk to your provider about how  to do this.

Emergency Alert Frequently Asked Questions [.PDF 67 KB]

For more information on the EMERGENCY ALERT please visit the emergencyalert.gov.au website.

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