Bushfire Survival Plan


A Bushfire Survival Plan helps you make important decisions before you are threatened by a bushfire.

Your plan will help protect the lives of your family and assist you in preparing your home to survive the threat of bushfire.

The MyFirePlan app will guide you through the process of creating your Bushfire Survival Plan. Your completed plan can be stored on your device and can be activated in the event of a bushfire.

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Or download the official Bushfire Survival Plan document [PDF 2.7 MB].

power lines downCanberra is a city designed and built within a bush and grass landscape where residents are able to live, work and play among nature, hence the term, The Bush Capital.

This means bushfires are an inevitable fact of life in the ACT.

In this section of the ACT Emergency Services Agency website, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive range of information about bushfires and advice about what you and your family or household must do to reduce the impact when a fire or fires occur near your home, your place of work or recreation.

This could be within the city limits or out in the rural areas of the Territory.

Theses actions are required long before a fire starts, on a day of elevated fire danger and when a fire starts.



PREPARE. ACT. SURVIVE. is a national slogan that was adopted in 2009 following the Victorian Bushfires. These three little words are all about keeping you and your family as safe as possible before, during and after a bushfire.


    months and weeks before the bushfire season.
    by knowing and understanding your risk.
    your Bushfire Survival Plan.
    your household by practicing your plan.
    you, your family, including your pets.
    your garden.
    your property.
    your bushfire emergency kit.
    your computer by listing the ACT Emergency Service website as one of your “favourites”.
  • ACT.

    days before and the day of predicted bad fire weather.
    seek and act on the fire danger ratings.
    your bushfire survival plan and put preparations into action — don’t wait and see.
    seek updates so you know if a bushfire has started.
    monitor the Emergency Services website, local radio and media.
    to save your life.
    to save your family, including pets.
    to prepare your property so that it can help to protect you should a bushfire start and take hold in your area.

    during a bushfire. The safest place is away from the fire—your life and survival is the highest priority.

Fires may start without warning. Have a plan—make decisions and take action—know what you will do to survive.

For the best chances of survival monitor conditions, know the bushfire alert levels and keep up-to-date through this website, Twitter, Facebook, local media and the Canberra Connect Call Centre (13 22 81).

This page was last modified on October 30th, 2014