Bonfire Information

Are you considering lighting a bonfire around the Queens Birthday public holiday long weekend? For this period only, there is an exception to the regulations governing the lighting of fires in the open. These exceptions are set out in the Environment Protection Regulations 2005 and for 2016 include the period from 4th to 18th June.

If you want to have a bonfire on your own property you can do so between the approved period. Residents are strongly advised to follow the guide below to ensure the safety of all participants. If you want to host a bonfire on public land you must apply to Territory and Municipal Services to use the land for this purpose.

All bonfires should be constructed and used responsibly. The following provides a guide that residents should consider:

  • Bonfires should be a reasonable size for the location and surroundings.
  • A responsible adult should be at the fire at all times until extinguished.
  • A hose or other method of controlling the fire should be immediately available at all times that the fire is burning.
  • The area surrounding the fire should be cleared of flammable material.
  • Bonfires should not be used in strong winds.
  • Flammable liquids such as petrol should not be used to light or contribute to a fire.
  • If the fire gets out of control or there is a danger of the fire spreading, ring 000 immediately.

If firefighters are called to attend a bonfire and they form an opinion that the bonfire may present a risk to life or property, the bonfire may be extinguished.

If you have built a bonfire or would like some guidance on doing so safely, you can contact the numbers below to have firefighters attend to assess the risk.

For the urban area contact ACT Fire & Rescue on: 62078645.
For outside the urban area contact ACT Rural Fire Service on: 62078609.