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Prepare yourself

  • Know your risk! Check if your house is located in a bushfire prone area by searching for it on our online map.
  • Prepare your exit strategy by┬áplanning your exit routes in the event of an emergency.

Prepare your Bushfire Survival Plan

  • Download and complete a Bushfire Survival Plan or the MyFirePlan smartphone app. This┬áplan contains everything you need to know about bushfire safety and survival. Make sure everyone in your household is brushed up on the plan regularly!


Get your home bushfire ready by following the home preparedness tips [PDF 1.5 MB] Prepare your emergency kit.


  • Maintain your garden throughout the season.
  • Keep up to date with us via our website, and find us on Facebook.
  • Have a safe, enjoyable summer!

Real stories

Four ACT residents give an account of their experience during the 2003 Canberra bushfires, and why it’s so important to be Bushfire Ready.


Complete your Bushfire Survival Plan

MyFirePlan - Bushfire Survival Plan appA Bushfire Survival Plan helps you make important decisions before you are threatened by a bushfire.

Your plan will help protect the lives of your family and assist you in preparing your home to survive the threat of bushfire.

The MyFirePlan app will guide you through the process of creating your Bushfire Survival Plan. Your completed plan can be stored on your device and can be activated in the event of a bushfire.

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Bushfire Prone Areas

BPA mapTo prepare for bushfire, it is important to know your level of bushfire risk.

Even if your home is not located in the designated bushfire prone area, you may work, travel or spend time in bushfire prone areas.

Are you in a Bushfire Prone Area?





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