ACTSES Week and National WOW Day

Nationally, State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers give tremendous support to their communities all year round. In storms, floods and many other emergency situations, they sacrifice family, work and recreational time to help people in need.

Each year the ACTSES staff and volunteers celebrate ACTSES Week in conjunction with National WOW Day.

A number of events will be held for ACTSES Week from Saturday, 14 November 2015 to Friday, 20 November 2015. These events are designed to honour and recognise the ACTSES volunteers, their families and employers.

This year ACTSES is working together nationally to highlight the association between SES and the colour orange. “Think Orange – Thank Orange”.


Community Events

ACTSES Community Day – Saturday, 14 November 2015

ACTSES will demonstrate a range of activities and equipment to the ACT Community at Petrie Plaza, Canberra City. This event will be run in conjunction with Lifeline Canberra to raise awareness and funds for Lifeline.

This is a good opportunity for the ACTSES members to display their vehicles and capabilities whilst also engaging the community in disaster preparedness.

Wear Orange Wednesday (WOW Day) is on Wednesday 18th November 2015.

WOW Day is a day of recognition and appreciation where the dedicated work of State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers is celebrated across Australia. The focus of WOW Day is to encourage the community to show their support in a very simple but highly visible gesture by wearing the colour orange. This is the colour worn by SES volunteers.

There are 40,000 SES volunteers across Australia who each year collectively provide around a million hours of their time to help communities in times of natural disasters and emergencies. SES volunteers have a passion for helping people in the worst of weather and at the hardest of times, helping with storm and flood operations and other rescue activities.

WOWAll SES volunteers devote a considerable amount of time to skills development and training to ensure they are capable to effectively carry out the diverse range of tasks that come with being part of a dynamic and trusted volunteer emergency service.

On WOW Day, the simple concept of wearing orange will show your support of SES volunteers across Australia and will show that they are valued by the communities they support and keep safe.

ACTSES members and the Canberra community will promote the SES on Wear Orange Wednesday (WOW) by wearing orange, dressing up workplaces in orange and sharing photos across social media. Please send any photos to ACTSES inbox at: or post them to Facebook with the Hash Tag #WOWDay.

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