Bushfire publications

Publications Size Type
Bushfire Survival Plan 2.7 MB .PDF
Prepare. Act. Survive. 1.8 MB .PDF
Should I stay or go? 2 MB .PDF
Go early 834 KB .PDF
Stay and defend 1 MB .PDF
Bushfire warning messages 1 MB .PDF
Hightailing Into The Fires: 2011 Bushfire Planning on ACT Horse Agistment Centres 983 KB .PDF
McLeod Inquiry Report into the January 2003 Bushfires    
Coronial Inquiry into the January 2003 Bushfires    
Legislation including bushfire prone area and bushfire abatement zone    
Bushfire Council minutes    

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Bushfire CRC

The Bushfire CRC’s mission is to enhance the management of the bushfire risk to the community in an economically and ecologically sustainable manner.


Firebreak establishes a means of communicating information to, and recieving information from, all the varied and diverse range of people that make up the A.C.T. bushfire fighters.