Training for Community Fire Units

Training for Community Fire Unit volunteers is undertaken in various forms.

Some practical skills including pumping, shipping standpipes, laying fire hose, radio procedures, and working safely on roads, is acquired in each volunteers own CFU area, under the direction of the volunteer team instructor.

Training courses are also undertaken at the ESA Training Centre at Hume, and in the volunteers’ local area under the direction of ACTFB Training instructors and operational Fire Fighters. In addition to practical skills these sessions focus on operational safety and fire behaviour awareness.

At the completion of all training, volunteers are presented with a number of nationally accredited training modules.


2011-12 Basic wildfire awareness learning manual CFU [.PDF 4 MB]

ESA Training centre at Hume

CFU members should use the following map to access the new ESA training centre in Hume.

ESA Hume [.PDF 347 KB]

Volunteers leaders program

Nominations for the AFAC Volunteer Leaders program are now open for CFU members.

Interested members should complete the nomination form at and forward them to the CFU coordinator Russell Cameron before December 1st.