New recruit requirements

Applicants must be Australian citizens or have permanent residence status, and possess the following essential qualifications:

  • Current first aid certificate (‘Apply First Aid’ or equivalent)
  • Current Australian C Class Licence with no restrictions and confirmation of completion of a ‘Heavy Vehicle Knowledge Assessment’ or; current Australian MR Class driving licence with no restrictions.
  • Current Medical Consent to participate in physical abilities testing, and
  • A Police Character Check will be required to be obtained during the selection process

Selection Criteria

  1. Demonstrated ability to work as an effective member of a highly trained team.
  2. Ability to perform in a physically demanding environment.
  3. Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written.
  4. Demonstrated commitment to excellence in job performance, including personal and professional development.
  5.  An understanding of the role, responsibilities and nature of employment of a Fire Fighter.
  6. Demonstrated knowledge of fair and safe workplace practices, including Work Health and Safety, and the principles of respect, equity and diversity.


Firefighters work in teams, under the supervision of a Station Officer.  Depending on the shift being worked and the circumstances that emerge during the shift, a Firefighter will;

  1. Prepare equipment and appliances for emergency response through the application of, and compliance with, routine checking procedures,
  2. Operate vehicles in emergency and non-emergency situations in accordance with Traffic Regulations and agency procedures,
  3. During building inspections and at calls to fire, locate and identify fire alarms, detectors, suppression and building control systems and check and monitor the status of fire alarms,
  4. Whilst performing routine duties and attending emergencies, identify potential and existing hazards, take appropriate action and report the nature of those hazards in accordance with agency OH&S requirements,
  5. Respond to fires, rescues and other emergencies and perform duties in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures, including those tasks as allocated by the Station Officer/Senior Officer at the scene,
  6. Assist casualties at accidents/incidents and provide emergency care by the application of basic life support techniques and in accordance with agency Standard Operating Procedures.
  7. Process information in accordance with agency procedures by;
    • logging details of emergency reports for action and future reference
    • receiving, processing and transmitting information via radio, telephone and computer
    • completing standard agency proformas
  8. Perform routine Station duties including the cleaning and maintenance of vehicles, equipment and facilities
  9. Undertake training and courses of study to ensure current competence.