Only 1 in 10 survive a cardiac arrest. Together we can beat that.

Host a Restart a Heart Day Event

It’s time for Australians to join together.

Make it your aim to know CPR, and increase survival rates before emergency services arrive.

Restart a Heart Day is an international CPR and AED awareness campaign that was initiated in Europe and is held on 16 October each year. The campaign aims to improve bystander participation in early CPR and defibrillation through the use of face-to-face education and social media.

In support of the international campaign, the Council of Ambulance Authorities (Australia and New Zealand) has received support from Australian and New Zealand Ambulance Services to participate in the 2018 campaign. It is a national collaboration with the aim to improve out of hospital cardiac arrest outcomes throughout Australia and New Zealand.

ACT Events

Following a launch on the lawns of Parliament House, various community events and promotions will be carried out in the ACT on and around Restart a Heart Day. These are supported by the ESA, the ACT Ambulance Service, the Australian Catholic University, the ACT branch of Paramedics Australasia, St John’s ACT and Heart Support Australia.

CPR is the key to survival during a cardiac arrest and outside of hospitals it is bystanders, friends, relations and other community members who can make a difference.

A person who is not awake and talking and is not breathing normally needs CPR immediately. AEDs (automated external defibrillators) are automated devices that provide step by step verbal instructions and only deliver a shock when it is necessary.

We all have a role to play to help save lives, in an emergency, if you are unsure 000 call takers can guide you through how to help. However, the ACT Ambulance Service encourages you to be prepared and contact a local first aid provider to learn more about CPR and AEDs.